Empowering individuals for a self-reliant life by introducing curriculum based skill trainings where the trainees would receive course completion endorsements industry recognized learning centers




Art: Painting to the inmates as therapy enhance their talent as well as to give them a mode of self-expression; also a chance to learn other life skills like concentration, communication, positivity and improved self-esteem and confidence.

Music: The use of music to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of a group or individual. It employs a variety of activities, such as listening to melodies, playing an instrument, drumming, writing songs, and guided imagery.

Dance: ‘The simple act of dancing can improve one’s mood, health and make them feel happy and more relaxed’ – Matt Roots. Through this activity, the focus is on changing an inmate’s lifestyle by providing him with a livelihood if he wishes to choose dance as a medium for it or to use it as a form of therapy to indulge him in it so he can not waste his time doing nothing in prison.


Activities with Collaborations


Life Skill Sessions & Workshops for male inmates: workshops are aimed to create awareness and educate the inmates on identified problems like substance abuse, Peer pressure, Anger management, inability to deal with life’s challenges and depression etc.

Thematic workshops for female inmates aim to address issues of concern like Gender Inequality / Gender discrimination / Reproductive Health / Domestic Violence/ Dowry Menace etc. affects the everyday lives of the female inmates.


Vocational Trainings:

Computer Training: to bridge the digital divide and to enhance their chances of getting jobs after release of male inmates; Computer training to motivate female inmates to become empowered and skilled. This also helped to build their confidence and self-esteem for a self-reliant life after their release from prison

Stitching & Tailoring: The training will equip inmates with cutting and tailoring skills; skilled inmates will be able to earn a respectful life on their release and will be able to start their small business/shop at their home only or being able to seek employment with the help of their certificate; skilled inmates with industry recognized certificate will become confident and   hopeful for a better life, free from crime after their release.

Beauty and Hair dressing: The training will help the interested inmates to get trained in beauty and hair care; also the training will help inmates to develop a positive personality that can help them find gainful employment after release. They will have more options of productive engagement.

Fashion Designing: Advance course to generate more avenues of employment options and also updated know-how and skills as per market demand

English Classes: Additional skill of speaking English improves their employment chances on release as well as builds their confidence and improves personality

Art & Craft: Mainly as therapy and also skill that can become their livelihood source if their talent is enhanced through updated knowledge.

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