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New Lesson

Yes, Prison Visits are never pleasant. But for those working for the reform programs, it is a mundane duty like any other job. But this job demands you to remain motivated and inspired from within because you are going to kindle hope and joy in the lives that are sentenced to pay fo


So this time when I visited this prison after a long hiatus, I was surprised to find that many of the inmates who are in the prison since a long time and are now convicted looked happy. They appeared completely at home and at ease. There was no sense of discomfort or any sadness. They looked resigned to their fate and more so happy with the outcome of their life. I had seen them during their initial days so this was unexpected and unnerving too at the same time. Hence hesitatingly, I asked them the reason for their present impasse and their stories gladdened my heart!


Yes, there is a time in your life when you feel that all your efforts and hard work are worth every drop of sweat that you had contributed till date. And this visit indeed was one such heartwarming and motivating visit. The feedback that these beneficiaries gave about the impact of the work of the foundation is very inspiring and I take the opportunity to congratulate all those involved in this process of transforming lives.


Although, we all feel that we are helping to bring in a small change with our individual inputs but I saw and found the results that these small efforts are causing! Yes, the ripple effects of the wonderful work are visible in each such stories and case studies. They are the reason for all of us to go about diligently with our work each day as we touch their lives each day through different kind of initiatives that are need based and customized as per their choices.


But these females share that all the activities conducted and facilitated by India Vision Foundation are aimed only for the rebirth of such inmates. They accepted that the opportunities are helping in their growth and in building confident personalities. They said before coming to the prison they never had the time to think about themselves but the prison stay compelled them to put themselves and introspect and then they realized that they had never been important even for themselves and their life till then has been all for the family members and their problems. But the prison time gave them a lot of time to rethink about their own life and the project team members helped them to strategize and rebuild their lives by learning from their mistakes.


In their process of change, the foundation team members became the catalyst of change as they helped them to bring in new perspective in their life. They filled them with hope and positivity. But this wasn’t easy as many a time they were not ready and they were not immediately convinced. Many a time they fell back and had a difficult time to regain their same mental frame of optimism about the life after release but they always had the project team member who was holding their hand and motivating them to never give up!
And so I came back from my visit rejuvenated and refreshed, full of energy with new ideas and a great sense of responsibility and pride. Also, it reaffirmed my faith in the unique and impactful work done by India Vision Foundation with the support of its dedicated team members who are proactively trying to achieve the objectives of a Crime free society as aspired by its visionary leader – Dr. Kiran Bedi!!




Author: Ms. Renu Nag, Head Learning & Development

About the Author:

Renu Nag, a developmental professional with an experience of nearly 2 decades, is the Head, Learning and Development at India Vision Foundation. She has essayed multifarious roles in mid and large size non-governmental organizations in the area of Program Planning, Research, Training and Content Development. Her work has spanned in the areas of Disability, Women empowerment, Micro finance, Education, Health and Skill development for the vulnerable section and Prison Reforms. Prior to joining India Vision Foundation, Renu has worked with various national and international organizations of repute including Action Aid India, Deepalaya, INDCARE Trust, Katha and Empower Pragati. Renu Nag holds a Post Graduate degree in Social Work from the Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, Gujarat.


Disclaimer: Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the author. Any views or opinions are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual. All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only.

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