Our Projects

India Vision Foundation (IVF) trains, skills, counsels and motivates communities inside and outside of prison. We not only provide support to them in reformation & rehabilitation but also equip prison officials, volunteers, male and female inmates to make prisons a better place; we collaborate with different organisations, schools, donors, supporters to support prisoners & their families.

With mission to Save the Next Victim India Vision Foundation(IVF) runs three projects:

Inside Prison Project

The foundation is working across prisons of four states namely: New Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. Foundation’s reformation activities inside Prison are based on 3S Model of Reformation: Sanskar (Value Education), Shiksha (Education) and Skill (Training & Development).

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Education for Children of Inmates

The organization is committed to rebuild lives of the children of prisoners through its two projects: a) Crèche b) Children of Vulnerable Families Project

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Training for Prison Officials

In order to sensitize prison administration and to spread reformation activities in prisons foundation introduced Training programme of prison officials in 2015 - 2016. Till date, more than 350 prison officials of different files and ranks have been trained under this programme.

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