Our Partners

Why Partner with us?

The Foundation continues to invest in fostering relationships with institutions that find value in our work and also align with our ideology of helping inmates inside the prison and their children outside prison.

WE thank all our partners & supporters for being a part of this transformational journey in Saving the Next Victim.

For partnerships & collaborations write to us at ivfindia@gmail.com or ivfcommunications@gmail.com


“Petals school is proud to be associated as education partner with Faridabad & Dasna jail teachers and children. It gives immense pleasure to provide education to children who have been deprived of free life. Providing training to teachers who impart education to these children help us to repay our debt to the society who has given us immense opportunities. I hope me and my team can work together and bring light in life of these children. I have all praises for the teachers and coordinator who tirelessly work for the upliftment of the jail inmates and their children.”

Preeti Kwatra,Director, Petals School

``So we started three years ago with India Vision Foundation (IVF). Teach India Program is a need based program like one NGO which wanted to develop computer skills among their kids. In order to train them in computer skills we developed all 12 modules according to their needs like how to work on Microsoft word, PowerPoint and so on. We did same for India Vision Foundation kids as Pearly, said they need training for conversational English as it is very important. We didn’t want to do something that may not be meaningful for these students therefore, she gave us the background of their parents if they are coming from prisons or are they living with them. So our kids created tailor made module for them. We also adapted the same and like in our first module. We use to ask what did your parents do? This time we changed that question because we didn’t want the students to be embarrassed.``

Mrs. Vera Garg,
High School Service Coordinator,
TOK and History Teacher from American
Embassy School for Teach India Program

“I always believed in the concept that their should be a joint system. A system for the reformation and rehabilitation of the offenders. Team India Vision Foundation (IVF) is doing exactly the same. All efforts that they are making for reformation of women inmates of CJ-6 as well as for their children is commendable, I am grateful for their tremendous work. I wish India Vision Foundation continues to do the work they are doing with the same spirit. “

Rekha Sharma,
Superintendent, Central Jail No.06,
Tihar, New Delhi

``I feel that the wave of reformation was started by Dr. Kiran Bedi in early 90’s. I have witnessed the wave of reformation in Haryana prisons in recent years. As Superintendent of Gurugram prison I feel reformation is an ongoing process it took us 4 years to be a role model. We further invited prison officials from different states and train them for the same through our trainings. We showed them how reformation can be done and also motivated them to complete their targets towards a reformed prison. This would not have been possible without right direction from Sh. Yashpal Singhal, Director General (DG) Haryana prisons. I am happy that Gurugram prison became a live example of the reformation process. I would like to highlight one of the examples - replication of software developed by an inmate named as ‘Phoenix’ and birthday celebrations of children under the crèche project. I feel Haryana prisons are moving towards being better and more sensitized``

Mr. Harinder Singh,
Superintendent, Gurugram prison

India Vision Foundation (IVF) has been associated with Faridabad jail for more than a year now. I would like to appreciate them for working for the reformation of the male & female inmates. Their staff comes regularly and are running different activities with them. They motivate them and help them to be a part of these activities. I feel that their higher attendance in activities is because of their regular visits and motivation. I see that there has been a huge change in the nature of the inmates, earlier some of them use to be very aggressive in their nature. This shows a positive response of their working I would like to quote an example - that recently High Court Justice came to visit the jail and he was impressed to see the talent of the inmates and appreciated the team a lot!

Mr. Deepak Sharma,
Superintendent, Faridabad prison

In the short span of one year, the India Vision Foundation New Delhi, through their coordinators Ms Nazia Qadir and Pritesh Singh have dedicatedly worked for the mental, educational, spiritual and physical/ personality development of the jail inmates. They have held cultural programmes during all National occasions and festivals as well as organised primary education, adult education and vocational training, dance etc. All this has helped immensely in the improvement/transformation of the mental status of the jail inmates and making them self employed and busy during their imprisonment.I would like to greatly praise the various programmes conducted by the NGO.

Sh. Shivprakash Yadav,
Superintendent, Dasna

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