Our new partner’s journey

Ms. Jothi Chetty is the Chief Executive at Asha Deep Foundation

Q1) How has been your experience of working with children who hail from families of prison background?

I have had a good experience while working with these children. But, as we all know every new thing comes with its own drawbacks and advantages. In initial months it was a little challenging to work with these kids since they come from a very contrasting background and have their emotional attachments back in their communities and parents. Their understanding to residential school system is a little less and therefore they take more time to adjust as compared to any other child. Also, their behaviour & redressal mechanism is a little different to small things, issues, problems but I must say we have seen a significant change in these children since last year.

Q2) What are the significant changes that you have seen in Children who have been enrolled by India Vision Foundation?

As we work I see that we have to give a lot of time to them in order to understand their requirements and also situations as compared to other children in the hostel. Since, their
background is different and many have seen the crime happening or many have had indulgence in crime we have to be really cautious in terms of understanding their behaviour, emotional and aspirational needs. Looking to a positive side I see that children enrolled with us have a vision and dream to academically prove themselves and be successful
individuals which makes a lot of difference in shaping their personality.

Q3) What is your Vision towards working for these children?

We vision to enrol as many children as possible and help them to be bright and self-reliant contributors to the society. We at Ashadeep wish to make a huge difference in lives of children by supporting their education and other basic needs.

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