Mr. Harinder Singh

Course Director, and Superintendent of Gurugram Prison shares his feedback on Trainings

The training has involvement of three major stakeholders primarily: Prison Administration, Prison officials & India Vision Foundation. During this training Prison officials get a chance to have practical learning by seeing different kind of work & ongoing reformation activities which gives very good impact on their thinking process. The Administration on the other hand gets a fresh perspective towards things by hosting the training for the officials coming from different states. I personally feel that training brings about a healthy form of competition amongst individuals and further leads to improvement in communications structure. I have seen that my fellow officials have started to share more proactively about their issues, solutions, ideas and much more. This has been more of an exposure not only for the officers coming from different states but also for us as Host in many ways. Training has helped us to share our work with different states resulting in visits by Senior officers, Judges and many others. Most of the trainees at the training are extremely happy to see the 3S model by India Vision Foundation that has been the highlights during our training process.

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