‘I still remember when Chander Bhaiya(Presently, heading accounts department at IVF) came to meet me at our house, I was 13 years of age. I was already studying in a government school and use to live with my father & sister until my mother was inside prison. IVF helped my sister Neha to get enrolled in Assisi Convent School, Noida in nursery under a residential set up.’

Vijay’s mother was imprisoned as an undertrial for 4 years in Tihar prison under the case of kidnapping. He used to live with his paternal
uncle while her sister lived with his mother until she got released.

Today, Vijay works with one of a very renowned automobile company as a Pro technician and he gives all the credit of his success to the foundation. Mr. Chander Shekhar shared with us that ‘Vijay was a very introvert kid he never even spoke a single word in front of me. When I tried to ask him anything he use to look down and maintain no eye contact with me whenever I asked anything.

Today when I see him as a confident and successful individual I really feel happy and proud that we have saved one of the next victims to crime. Vijay was not academically strong and he was too shy to explore his interests I still remember the first thing he shared with me while talking was his interest and love for cricket & Sachin. He talked for hours about the same with me and I was happy to speak more and more with him. This session actually helped us to break ice between two of us from my coming visits I was able to see that he became quite keen and use to look forward for my visits. He confessed many things and usually confined his talks to me I started to realise that he does not share a very good bond with his father and due to absence of his mother felt lonesome. I kept my counselling sessions on with him and also helped him to find tuition classes so that he picks up in academics. Seeing his academic status after few months I felt that it is important for him to gain a skill. Therefore, we got him enrolled in ITI for Motor Mechanic Wheel(Vocational Training) and for 11th & 12th through open school.’

Today, when we see Vijay we see him as a different person he is actively engaged in interacting with so many people around his workplace at our foundation near his residence and who not. He even involves himself in social work by helping nearby families through finance, food or any kind of help they might require. He is a responsible, self-reliant individual supporting his family and also giving back to the society a perfect reflection of our nurturing and mission.

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