Training for Prison Officials


Dr. Kiran Bedi

In order to sensitize prison administration and to spread reformation activities in prison foundation introduced Training programme for prison officials in 2015 - 2016. Till date, more than 350 prison officials from different files & ranks have been trained under this programme.


Swathi Sathe,

DIG Maharashtra

The sessions were very educative both on a personal & professional level. I learnt a lot from different states. I really liked the session by Sh. Yahspal Singhal, DG sir which helped us to creatively handle and resolve problems. I particularly liked the Jail environment of Gurgaon Prison. IVF has done great work especially for children.

Mr. Manas Ranjan,

Udala, Orisaa

I have attended my first training outside my state and learnt a lot from this training. I was confused with the name of the training but at this platform I have actually seen and also got an opportunity to learn something. I learnt that we can be a change makers and Mr. Singh is role model for me I can see how prisoners can be mainstreamed and how we can treat prisoners like a human resource. Also, India Vision Foundation’s contribution is amazing I hope it gets replicated to other parts of the country also.

I have learnt about the phone calling system and Phoenix software. During our exposure to Rohtak & Jhajjar Prison I learnt about the drip irrigation system. The hospitality by the Prison administration was amazing in Haryana. Also, the work done by India Vision Foundation inside prison is amazing!

Mr. Baleshwar Singh,

SP, Palamu, Jharkhand

It is a practical training and I felt very motivated. There were two hosts one was the NGO and the other was Prison Administration. This training
helped us to aim to do well and also after seeing this collaborative model of NGO & Prison I feel together we can make a lot of difference inside the prison.