Rural Community Development

In rural India, women still live in a rigid, male-dominated society which prevents them to think independently or be financially independent, and the nation as a whole cannot flourish unless this group of people is empowered, both intellectually and financially. In partnership with our sister concern Navjyoti India Foundation, we provide support to rural communities in areas education and training that is designed to empower them.

Remedial Education

With the help of our counsellors and educators we organise special remedial training courses for the children in the rural areas. These programmes help them enhance their educational, vocational and personal skills through activities like after-school tutions, homework assistance, etc..

Vocational Training

We provide rural families training in activities like stitching, pickle & spice making, etc. We also provide both rural men and women training in activities like computer skills, support in forming self help groups and many more activities that help them achieve employement and financial independence.

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