Children of Vulnerable Families Project


Dr. Kiran Bedi

Children of Vulnerable Families (CVF) project was started by India Vision Foundation in 1994. The

primary aim and mission of this project is to mainstream & educate the innocent children of

Incarcerated families. These children usually end up being liabilities to their extended families and even

close relatives due to many reasons. They are usually subjected to abuse, neglect, exploitation and trauma therefore they come away from a quality childhood and are at a risk to get influenced and drawn towards bad company. This further leads them to nefarious activities.  We have observed over a period of time that for many incarcerated families there is hardly any support from relatives –

kith or kin due to the stigma and financial constraints to look after these children during their imprisonment conviction


India Vision Foundation takes these children (over 6 years) under its wings. We help them to complete their primary and basic education.  This paves a way for their education and vocational training through it’s:


  • Residential School Support Programme – Under this project, foundation is working with 4 partner schools, wherein nearly 140 children are provided with food, shelter and education (formal and value based education).


  • Community Empowerment Programme - 52 children of prison inmates under the project stay with their families/ guardians at home after their parent get released from prison. The surroundings and the environment of these homes are vulnerable to crime, where children fall prey to anti-social elements present in the vicinity of the area. Their risk of becoming the next victim of inter generational crime is high; in order to save such children project has developed a Community Centre in the area for giving opportunities to boost up their emotional, social, physical and psychological development.


  • Home Support Programs –This Program extends supports to the needs of the children of incarcerated parents who are staying with their extended families. At present,  80 such children are associated with the project. They are met and counselled by the Counselors for their future life goals.

Children of Vulnerable Families project have directly benefited more than 280 children between the age of 6 - 18 years.



Children who have completed their education under the primary interventions of the Project are now a part of foundation’s Alumni network. The network engages alumni and students as well as future alumni in the broadest sense. Foundation does this with the dual aim of enriching the lives of existing students and building support among one’s who have graduated. This is done so that the students can benefit from the foundation and contribute back as well.


With network of over 51 alumni , foundation has initiated a group called as Fly for dreams (FDD)


"Fly for Dreams" is a formalized alumni group by India Vision Foundation created with a vision of "Giving Back to the Society" as a token of gratitude for the received social support during the most difficult period in their lives.


“EVERY SUCCESS HAS A STORY BEHIND IT. HERE’S MINE.” – VIJAY ‘I still remember when Chander Bhaiya(Presently, heading accounts department at IVF) came to meet me at our house, I was 13 years of age. I was already studying in a government school and use to live with my father & sister until my mother was inside prison. IVF […]