Catalyst of Change – Bawana Community Centre run by India Vision Foundation

Had the opportunity to visit one of the projects of the India Vision Foundation after a long time located in the North West part of Delhi called the Bawana Community Project, a component of Children of Vulnerable Families Project. The project is catering to nearly 60 children, out of which 48 are supported by Adobe India.  Basically a resettlement colony, today Bawana is a thriving slum and is doubly over wrought with issues that any slum in the country is facing today!


Found the new office rented by the foundation neat, clean and spacious and well maintained. Everything speaks of its present occupants and those who use it. Walls are properly utilized as they give information of the work/activities that are undertaken. The art work and beautiful messages adorn the walls while the corners display the craft items prepared during various workshops with the help of the master trainers and resource persons.


All team members are females and very young, mix of professionals and others who are from the community but are contributing through their experience of being a survivor of the circumstances that they face each day in their dwelling. They help the project team to give inside view of the issues that the team is aiming to reach out to their beneficiaries with! Each one is unassuming but diligent and team player and their team cohesion is amazing! But the credit goes to their leader also for their empowerment. Only an emancipated leader can enable his/her team to become productive, effective and efficient.


Each team member is contributing to the chain of some amazing work that the project team is expected to deliver in this particular component. There is no air of supremacy but all work in tandem and hence their coordination, understanding and respect of each other’s role is so apparent. When they talk about their work it reveals their empathy and seriousness. They have simple approach to work and it is total dedication and passion. No one is trying to usurp or belittle other’s work but rather their respective work presents a smooth chain reaction of compliance and compassion. They have clear vision of their role as catalyst of change but they are honest enough to state that they don’t have all the answers but are determined to find a solution to the issues of their beneficiaries in all possible ways. Another impressive aspect of their personalities is the manner in which they all go about fulfilling their duties with confidence and élan!


Being self-sustained and trying best to do with the locally available resources this team is an example of doing best out of the available means at hand and how! Each corner speaks of their involvement with their target group through various interventions.


Connect with their beneficiaries is heartwarming. It is a very simple relationship of being humane to each other and helping each other to make the best of the opportunities available for the good of the society on the whole. The project gives very optimistic and happy vibes. The whole atmosphere is of positivity and hope. Although there is a lot to be done as problems in the slums are manifold, I think they are on the right path towards transforming lives with the help of education, moral and remedial activities, counseling sessions and various awareness workshops and therapeutic  activities/skills as per the age groups of its beneficiaries. All interventions are planned for accomplishing the mission of the foundation which is Saving the Next Victim!!


This project owes its success to their leader, who has fostered the skills of collaboration, communication and compassion in each team member and which has enhanced their self-esteem and helped them feel valued, contributing and respected. This has helped to make them competent and committed which in turn has helped the project to become an inspiration to many others!


I feel happy for visiting this project site as it has brought fresh ideas and a sense of optimism and hope. Also I got exposed to this wonderful project that is working to reach vulnerable lives through education. I feel this project has a lot of scope for the foundation to widen its intervention by encompassing more project ideas, target groups and required activities so as to reach more lives with far reaching impact!


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