About Us

The foundation was established in 1994, when the first female Police Officer of India, Dr. Kiran Bedi was conferred with the Ramon Magsaysay Award (equivalent to Asia’s Nobel Prize) for forging ‘positive relationships’ between people and the police through creative leadership during her tenure as Inspector General of Tihar Prison, Asia’s largest prison. The Foundation seeks to carry forward its service in all those areas which were the basis of the award; namely Police and Prison Reforms; Women Empowerment.

Dr. Kiran Bedi getting conferred with the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1994 for forging ‘positive relationships’ between people and the police

Presently, the Foundation has successfully implemented the “3S Model of Reformation” across prisons of four states namely: New Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, Punjab & Uttar Pradesh. Foundation’s reformation activities for Inside Prison Project are based on 3S Model of Reformation, this holistic model encompasses the components of:

The organization is also committed to rebuild lives of children of prisoners through its Education for Children of Inmates project that comprises of two primary projects: a) Crèche b) Children of Vulnerable Families Project.

In order to sensitize prison administration and to spread reformation activities in prisons foundation introduced Training programme for prison officials in 2015 - 2016. Till date, more than 350 prison officials from different files & ranks have been trained under this programme.

Today, foundation is touching more than 3000 lives every day and is striving to give a new hope in the lives of prison inmates and their children. With its team is trying to bring about a progressive change through positive reinforcement, education and values that not only help them to become responsible and conscientious citizens but empower them enough to become an asset to the society. The foundation has successfully reached out to more than 2, 50,000 beneficiaries under its Prison Reforms and Rural Development project.


Save the Next Victim



India Vision Foundation aspires to contribute towards a crime free society by initiating reformation programs for prison inmates and reintegration opportunities to released inmates for the reduction in recidivism also facilitate welfare programs for their children to save them from becoming victims of their parental incarceration.