Sh. Yash Pal Singhal, Director General, Haryana Prisons
Sh. YashPal Singhal, is an IPS officer from 1983 batch, prior to appointment he was the Director General Police (DGP) of Haryana Police. He has also served as the Director General of Vigilance Bureau.Today, with his able guidance and mentorship Haryana Prisons is witnessing a huge wave of reformation

What is the journey of reformation that Haryana prisons have witnessed?

Haryana prisons have witnessed a very drastic change. It is also said that a wave of reformation has trickled down from one to another. As far as I have seen there have been many small, big significant and remarkable changes in terms of maintenance, cleanliness and innovation across all the prisons. When I look back I see a very contrasting picture as per the conditions inside prison premises. However, I must say that few prisons were already working in the direction of change. Majorly, maximum changes penned down when the collaboration with India Vision Foundation started in 2012. They started working in Gurgaon (Now Gurugram) prison from the scratch and today we see the prison as a model prison for other prisons across India. I think this collaboration has been a boon for the prison. Today when I look towards 2016 I see that it has been an
eventful year. This year has brought a lot of healthy competition among all the prisons across Haryana.


What is the role of India Vision Foundation in bringing the wave of Reformation?

India Vision Foundation (IVF) has been associated with Haryana Prison for more than 4 years. I feel that India Vision Foundation has played multiple roles in bringing a wave of reformation they have not only worked for the inmate’s’ progress by introducing their 3 S model of Shiksha(Education), Sanskar(Value Education) and Skills (Training & Development) but also have worked as a facilitator between the administration and the inmates. With last year trainings I see them as pioneers in training prison officers to bring reformation in prisons. I am very happy to see this NGO working with such consistency and efficiency as many NGO come to prison and do not work. The major contribution of IVF has been to bring corporate near to Administration by becoming a reliable link. Corporate had faith in IVF and IVF had in Haryana prisons and vice versa. Because CSR funding was available for Haryana prisons which in turn immensely helped in reformation. I feel IVF is doing a wonderful and I wish them the best and keep the work cycle on.


What is that one thing that makes Gurugram prison stand out as role model for other prisons?

I feel the credit goes to the efforts of Mr. Harinder Singh, Superintendent, Gurugram prison and India Vision Foundation (IVF) collaboration. They have worked as a team to uplift and also polish the prison inside out. From infrastructure to the quality in skilling inmates they have tried to deliver the best and this is how the prison had become the much talked about one. I feel if anywhere anything good is happening it will be recognized at times immediately or eventually with time. I feel this collaboration model between IVF and Haryana Prisons is delivering very visible & quality results.


As a foundation under our capacity we have reintegrated many inmates how do you feel about this?

Also, are you planning to put forth any steps for post release of inmates in collaboration with the foundation? It is a wonderful thing, I feel that there has to be someone who has to close the loop and help an individual to rebuild their lives from a new base. This is by far the best initiatives taken by India Vision Foundation.

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